Jordan's story

18 year old Jordan White fell 30 feet through the roof of a warehouse in Colchester, suffering a severe head injury, internal bleeding and several broken bones. The Air Ambulance was dispatched as Jordan was in a critical condition and required immediate, advanced pre-hospital care.

HEMS Doctor Ross Davenport and HEMS Paramedic Jo Lambert administered Jordan with an emergency pre-hospital anaesthetic to protect his airway and prevent any further brain injury. The team, working alongside the East of England Ambulance Service provided Jordan with an advanced level of care normally only found in hospital emergency departments. Time was of the essence and once Jordan was stabilised he was flown to Addenbrookes Hospital for emergency surgery.

Jordan finally awoke after spending weeks in a coma. His family were overwhelmed with emotion at his amazing breakthrough and now, 7 months later he is well on his way to recovery following an extensive period in rehab.

Jordan’s father Kevin, reflects: “Since his accident Jordan has endured months of intensive care and therapy, but he has been our inspiration, our hero throughout. Having suffered so much he has shown a determination which makes me humble and all this with a smile and a sense of humour. Without the Air Ambulance Jordan would be dead – I am absolutely convinced of this, so imagine how shocked I was when I discovered this amazing service receives no funding from the Government but relies on public support.”