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November 2016 - Neil Wye

"My whole family would like to thank you once again for the treatment my son Mason received on the above date, we are pleased to say that Mason is well on his way to recovery and his home. It is so reassuring to know that he was receiving the best possible treatment available. Unfortunately I did not take the names of the paramedics and the doctor who was in attendance and he would also personally like to thank you all, you are all in our eyes complete HEROES."

September 2016 - Emma Matthews

"Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave me when I had a nasty fall off of my bike on Friday. I'm now well on the road to recovery and am so grateful for everything you did."

August 2016 - Joanne Wiltshire from Danbury

"Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I left hospital yesterday with a rebuilt leg, courtesy of Broomfield Orthepedics and Plastic Surgeons. I am recuperating at home now and I believe I will return to full mobility. It could have been a much darker outcome and I am so grateful for your care and expertise. Many many thanks."

June 2016 - Talita Nathalie from Chaumont, France

"I can only express a deep and sincere gratitude to the address of the whole crew. You 're always in my prayers."

April 2015 - Loraine Perks from Tilbury

"Thank you so much for helping my husband, you gave me a few day to say my good byes to him. Me and my daughters think of you on this sad day xxxxxxxxxxxx."

April 2015 - Emma Perks from Tilbury

"I would like to say thank you for everything you'd done for my dad on this day. He did sadly pass away 2 days later but if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have had them extra days and he wouldn't of been able to help three other family's with the gift of life xx thank you all so much - you are truly stars xxx."

November 2010 - Richard Miller from Colchester

"I would love to say a big thank you for all you did. Without you I would not be here to tell the tale of what happened to me" 

February 2016 - Una Green from Ipswich 

"Having suffered a heart attack, it is not possible to sufficiently express my gratitude to the wonderful emergency staff and crew who saved my life and whisked me to the Norfolk and Norwich [Hospital]. I have been home now for a month and am recovering well. So thank you all so very much from the bottom of my restored heart!! What a fantastic service you provide, especially as I live in such a rural area, without such prompt attention the outcome would have been so very different."

October 2015 - Olivia Heathfield from Leigh-on-Sea

"Thank you so much you saved my boyfriends life, you guys do a brilliant job i have so much respect for you all. Don't know if it is possible but my partner who was in the incident and myself would like to personally thank the crew who helped him survive. He is so lucky to be alive. He dreamed of going in a helicopter for years probably not in the same way that it happened but that was one upside of the day."

September 2015 - Michael Birch from Colchester

"Just want to say massive thanks to you guys. There is no doubt in my mind that without you I wouldn't be here today. It was a massive list of injuries and yet you guys gave me the best chance. And thanks for coming to see me in itu. Me and my family are eternally thankful."

August 2015 - Christopher Wolton from Ipswich

"On 17th August I suffered a heart attack and was taken to Norwich hospital by the air ambulance. At the time I was in considerable pain and frightened as to what may happen and would like to say that the care and kindness I received from the crew and medical staff provided me with the reassurance and relief that I needed. I would like you to pass all my thanks onto them for their professionalism and dedication in delivering me safely and alive to the hospital. I have now been released since 28th following a pacemaker being fitted and hopefully will make a good recovery which I am sure will be helped by the speed I was able to receive treatment following transfer by the air ambulance. Thank you so much."

June 2015 - Steward Fardell from Rowhedge 

"We as a family and friends, cannot thank you enough for helping to save our grandson's life. Dr Nicola Pritchard and all the crew were fantastic. Liam Eckhart, grandson is making a very good recovery and is now back home awaiting continuous Physio ect. All very positive. As his recovery progresses. Once again our heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful work you all do."

June 2015 - Andrew McFarlane from Chorleywood 

"Thank you for your rapid response and excellent care when you attended after my horse riding accident in Chorleywood. I was very impressed with your skills, care and professionalism and grateful that you were able to get me so quickly to The Royal London Hospital where I also received first class care. You do an amazing job!"

June 2014 – Iain Letch from Billericay

“I just want to thank those that were working on the day; for how quickly they arrived and then got me to Queens hospital in Romford. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be walking again today. Your work goes unnoticed and nobody realises how much good you do. Thank you so much”

August 2014 – Graham Turner from Cheshire

“Many thanks for airlifting my brother to Addenbrooks Hospital; he is making a remarkable recovery due in no small part to your expertise. I am sure he will contact you when his recovery is complete. Best Wishes to you all.”

September 2014 – Mark Fletcher from Upminster

“Our Dad was seriously injured in Purfleet at around 12:30; he was making his deliveries when two men drove off in his Mercedes lorry and Dad was run over by the lorry.

After the incident Essex Air Ambulance were called to the scene and provided emergency treatment to Dad. We understand that Dr Roger Bloomer and Paramedic Adam Carr were the ones that treated Dad. The level of treatment Dad received at the scene before he was airlifted to Royal London Hospital was incredible. Dad had so many serious injuries and we know that the witnesses at the scene were fainting from the sight. We know that without the first class care Dad received he would not have survived. Fortunately, Dad has made brilliant progress. Dad was discharged from hospital a year ago and is continuing his recovery at home.

As a family we would first like to pass on our deepest thanks to Dr Bloomer, Paramedic Carr and the entire Essex Air Ambulance team. Without you, Dad would not be with us today. We would like to also pass on our gratitude in person and would like to visit your North Weald airfield to meet.”

September 2014 – Gary Hawksworth from Ipswich 

“Thank you so much for the journey to Addenbrookes - I know I was touch and go when I arrived so I feel sure I would not be writing this today without your help. I will be in touch regarding how I can help with fundraising once I'm well enough.”

September 2014 – Peter Hayes from Cambridge 

“We are writing to personally thank you for your fantastic response and care given on Monday to our daughter Lucy after her unfortunate trampoline accident. She is in good spirits and already focussing on the recovery process so that she can get back to playing sports as soon as she can. We are sure that the treatment she received and the speed it was made available by calling your HEMS Team in will make a huge difference to that so we are extremely grateful.

Your professionalism and kindness on scene also helped ease the distress felt by her mum Sara as she knew Lucy was being so well cared for. We will be making a donation on your website as a token of our family appreciation. Thank you and best regards.”

July 2014 – James Cooper from Watford

“THANK YOU! I didn't realise the severity of my crash until after I was released from hospital and saw what was left of my vehicle. I hit a tree at 45mph before bouncing off and spinning onto the other side of the road; my front tyre had burst. I remember lying on the floor for what seemed ages and getting loaded into the helicopter. It was at the hospital that the excruciating pain and breathing difficulties kicked in but at least I was in best place possible.

After X-rays and tests I was told I had suffering broken and cracked ribs, cuts to my face, arms and torso, muscle damage and severe bruising from the seatbelt. I would like to thank the Air Crew from that day and hopefully one day have chance to meet them and see helicopter again –as long as I'm not a patient!”

November 2014 – John Whitnell from Standford Le Hope

“I would like to thank the Air Crew for the care and attention that I received from them. The speed and all the assistance that all of the emergency service teams attending provided to me, helped to save my life and I am now recovering at home following a stay in hospital.”

December 2014 – Rob Horne from Brentwood

“I’d like to pass my thanks to Paramedic Erica and Doctor Naomi, who came to see my son today after an incident with a cup of tea. Your calm and caring manner kept our son calm, even when he was sleeping during the blue light run to hospital. He's back home already and being thoroughly spoilt. Thanks again!!!”

July 2014 - Sheena Crowhurst from Shoeburyness 

“Would just like to say a huge thank you for the quick response my son received from you guys....all the emergency services were great.....Steven has recovered beyond belief and you wouldn't even think that he had had a serious motorbike accident....he is hoping to return to work next month.....thank you once again; you guys are amazing...x”

July 2014 – Linda Green from Romford

“I wish to thank the Air Crew that helped the Ambulance Service Crew at the accident which my daughter Martina was knocked over by a hit and run driver and all the amazing medical care while airlifting her to Queens Hospital. Martina is still in hospital but is doing well and I have two cheques to donate; thanks once again.”

July 2014 – James Cooper from Watford

“Thank you! I didn't realise the severity of my crash until after I was released from hospital and saw what was left of my vehicle. The speedo was at 45mph so apparently I hit the tree at that speed before bouncing off and spinning onto the other side of the road. 

I remember being on the floor for what seemed ages and getting loaded into the helicopter. It was there that the excruciating pain and breathing difficulties kicked in but at least I was in hospital when the pain started. 

I would like to thank the Air Crew who helped me that day and hopefully one day I will get the chance to meet them and see the helicopter again (as long as I'm not the patient again.)”

July 2014 - Andrea Bull from Colchester

“My son Aaron had a fall from play equipment in a play centre. Aaron had broken his femur and they needed a Doctor and special equipment to move him and splint his leg. The Pre-Hospital Care Doctor was able to give him stronger pain relief as he was moved. The Air Ambulance Air Crew were fantastic and since the incident we have been donating to your Charity every month. We feel it is the least we can do - thank you.”

June 2014 – Karen Parrott from London


"A massive thank you for your fast response and professional treatment that without a doubt saved my fiancé’s life. You took him to the Royal London Hospital where again he was fortunate to be treated by skilled neurosurgeons and amazing ITU staff who successfully bought him through his coma after 4 weeks, my fiancé finally came home from a rehabilitation unit in February of this year and is progressing well so we are still planning our wedding for November this year. We cannot thank you enough and would like to raise some much needed funds to support the fantastic work that you do."

March 2014 – Elizabeth Byrne from Letchworth

“I can never thank you enough for the life of my husband whom you resuscitated and intubated on Letchworth Railway Station. His cardiologist, Professor Peters, was lost in wonderment yesterday at all you achieved in those circumstances. The way and manner in which you kept me informed was also greatly appreciated. You are terrific!”

May 2014 – Caroline Nixon from Great Notley

“My youngest son Oscar who has learning difficulties had a severe asthma attack before the age of 2. He was airlifted to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford and was in resus for 4 hours with 14 people working on him. Thanks to you I have a wonderful 11 year old 'special' boy and I thank you all for saving him. He is relatively well and he laughs and loves everybody. I know I am so lucky to have him and it was down to you and the chap who ran through Broomfield Hospital with him in his arms to resus. Many many thanks, in fact, just can't thank you enough xxx It still makes me well up when I see you flying.” 


January 2014 - Ms Sallyann Martin from Braintree

"Hi, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the crew for all the help and support they gave me after the accident with my horse last Friday. It was an extremely scary time for me (and my friends), and the crew were so thoughtful and caring. I remember being frightened at the thought of going in the helicopter, but because the crew were so kind and friendly I was able to deal with my fear. As soon as I'm on my feet again I will organise a fundraising event with my stable buddies. Thank you once again."

January 2014 - Ms Victoria Jago

"Hello there, my name is Tors. I wanted to say a huge thank you because on the 26.1.13 my fiancé got crushed by a lorry at work at Canvey Island recycling tip. You and your team came to help my fiancé Dan and collected him and took him to The Royal London Hospital straight away. If you hadn't of done so it's hard to say this but I would probably be a single mother of two who's lost her future husband and our children's daddy. Thank you ever so much for all that your team done for him. He's still not 100% but at least you saved him by being so prompt with the help you gave him in the helicopter. We have video footage of your team putting dan in a helicopter and flying off, it was shocking to me to see this as I didn't get to see dan until I arrived at the hospital that day. But a huge thank you again for your help and support."

November 2013 – Mr Ken Steel from Sudbury

"Hi Dr Ben & Crew. I cannot begin to thank you all for what you did for me and would like to come over to your base to thank you in person. The extra help you gave was to my 6 year old grandson who was worried about me, but was cheered by the fact it was Dr Ben who lead the team that rescued me. He went through a “doctor” phase last year and his name is Ben!
Once again I will always be in your debt. I continue to pray for you all."

September 2013 - Mr Paul Albert from Dagenham

"I must thank you all, on behalf of all my family, for all the brilliant efforts you made in trying to help in saving my brother’s life and all the work you do saving others lives. Despite everyone’s tireless efforts from yourselves, all the staff involved at Colchester and Addenbrookes Hospital my dear brother Michael Albert passed away as a result of his terrible injuries. Thank you all again."

September 2013 - Margaret & Graham Eade from Southend on sea

"Our son Matthew had a collision with a tree in Southend; he was unconscious throughout the ordeal so is unable to remember anything just prior to or during the accident. As his injuries were considered life threatening the Air Ambulance was called to take him to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. We are told that the expertise in which where the helicopter landed was next to none. There was no room for error. We have since looked at the landing on YouTube and we are amazed by the precision of it. 

We would like to thank all the Air Crew who were on the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance that day. Matthew is still recovering from his injuries which were fractures to his pelvis, scapula and ribs but without the intervention of the highly skilled emergency personnel the outcome could have been a lot worse.

Just a mere thank you does not seem enough when you have saved our son’s life but we are extremely grateful that this service was available at that time. Please can you pass on our thanks and gratitude to all those involved in this incident."

July 2013 - Mr Matthew Berry from London

"Thank you for your assistance on the day. You will be happy to know that I am recovered and cycling again (occasionally with my surgeon!) My vision is not perfect but its getting there... please let me know if I can do something to repay my debt! Thanks again - my only regret is that I can't remember a thing about the helicopter trip!"

June 2013 - Ms Jessica Mansfield from Westcliff on Sea

"It has taken me quite some time, 6 months in fact, to write this message. I wanted to thank your amazing staff on board the helicopter. My mother was taken ill at the Cliffs Pavillion on Christmas Eve. She had a fatal heart attack. The Air Ambulance was called for her. The Doctors and all the team did everything they could for my mum whilst keeping me fully informed at all times. Unfortunately her heart attack was fatal and they could not revive her. It is an amazing service and we are so lucky to have the Air Ambulance. I would love to get involved with some fundraising to give something back. Thank you again."

June 2013 - Mr Jason Nice from Grays

"I would like to say a "MASSIVE THANK-YOU" to the crew who pretty much saved my friend James Baker's life, after a car vs bike incident last week. You guys really are amazing, keep up the great work you do as you really do make a difference to peoples lives. I am thinking of doing something to raise money for you guys at the Charity. I will be in contact in the very near future to let you know what I'm going to be doing. 

I'm sure that James and his wife Elizabeth will be in contact very soon. James is doing well in hospital, he has minor brain damage and is suffering mood swings and drifts in and out of consciousness due to his head injury. All of his friends and family really are so very grateful for the care and attention you guys gave to him, to get him where he is today (making slow progress but still alive) we really are truly thankful and feel in debt to you guys. I would like for you guys to use this story to promote the great work that you undertake, you really deserve more recognition for the jobs you do !!! YOU REALLY ARE LIVING LEGENDS THANK-YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!"

June 2013 - Mr Nigel Norton from Tollesbury

"Blinkin marvellous, thank you for a fantastic service on Saturday. Fast and effective transport of my nephew to Addenbrookes resulting in him being treated and sorted out by a fantastic hospital. He is home today......thank savers. Regards, Josh's Uncle Nigel."

June 2013 - Mr Pierre Makhlouf from London

"You saved my life and it is impossible to thank you enough. I have flashes of memories including having most unfortunately kicked some of you repeatedly. I was today released from hospital and I asked the Doctors the difference that you made in saving me, they made it very clear that without you I would be dead. Because of you I am not only alive but I have every chance of living many more years. My wife and I would very much like to donate money to the Essex Air Ambulance and we hope to do a sponsored run some time soon. Thank you ever so much."

May 2013 - Ms Sarah Finnie from Billericay

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for my Uncle when he suffered burns. You were unbelievable and even my neighbours have come round to say how amazing you were. You were so caring, kind and understanding during a difficult and emotional time. I cannot thank you enough. I also wanted to let you know that he is doing well, he was taken off his ventilator recently and has been sitting in his chair today. He had grafts the day after the incident and so far so good and they are taking well. As you correctly said at the time it will be a long road to recovery but thanks to your amazing skill and compassion he is off to the best possible start. Thank you simply doesn't seem enough."

December 2012 - Mr John Page from West Mersea

"Following my off-road cycling accident I cannot express how pleased I was to hear the approach of the helicopter. When the Doctor and Paramedic arrived they immediately put me at my ease and did everything possible to stabilize me. They were incredibly efficient, friendly and comforting. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for which I will never be able to thank them properly, many many thanks. I will be writing to the Air Ambulance office in the very near future. What a wonderful team."

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