Will the twinkle of fairy lights brighten up your home this Christmas?

We are inviting festive homeowners who are decorating the outside of their homes this Christmas to take part in our Lights for Flights campaign.
Our second annual Christmas campaign kicks off this month to raise awareness and vital funds for the Charity.

Last year’s campaign raised nearly £3,000 after homeowners across Essex & Hertfordshire threw themselves into the festive spirit and decorated the outside of their homes and gardens with lights, Christmas ornaments and nativity scenes.  Generous visitors made a donation after enjoying the lights with family, friends and neighbours.

Maria Alexander, Head of Fundraising said: “Christmas is a wonderful time and many people enjoy decorating their homes to bring festive cheer to their street or area. We would like to invite those people to consider collecting donations for EHAAT as onlookers come to admire the lights.

“Many people do not realise we are a Charity and do not receive any lottery funding and only limited Government funding. It costs £2,700 every time one of our helicopters attends an emergency, and we rely on the generosity and goodwill of the people and businesses of Essex and Hertfordshire to keep flying to patients in critical need.

“We can support those wishing to take part in our Lights for Flights campaign with a fundraising pack, balloons, banners and collection tins.”

For more information and a FREE fundraising pack email christmas@ehaat.uk.com or visit our Lights for Flights page.

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